by ryankl

Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR has just landed and I’ve noticed, lodged between most of the logical responses, we have some people who are really down to get their hate on. But not only that, because hating is the oldest form of response, these peeps are the first ones to get their hate on. No, beyond that, they hated Nolan first, before all you other plebs were suckling at the Dark Knight Trilogy teets. These peeps are the Alpha and the Omega of Nolan hate.
And I’m fine if you don’t dig his flicks, but why the need to fit your frothy rage with a Certified Cool date stamp?
People laughing at Nolan fans – “Where’s your messiah now, Flanderssss!” – people suddenly hating all his back catalogue, and proclaiming they hated it from the start. They never liked it.
Next they won’t even admit to having seen a Nolan flick, but they hated the wiki summaries of them.
This idea that someone like Nolan – someone I’d go so far as to call a creative genius – someone who has made so many amazing and great flicks – this guy who hasn’t really made a totally bad flick (logic in The Dark Knight Rises pushed aside – that flick is enjoyable) – we have this guy and I feel like peeps were drafting their hate-tweets weeks ago in prep. If INTERSTELLAR wasn’t amazing/perfect/Nolanesque then they were ready with a cavalcade of mocking/snooty/hipster hate.
They got up in the face of all Nolan flicks, pointing out why we should have seen that this guy was a hack all along.
And to be honest, hate all you want, but this sliver of hate riles me up for this one reason:
It seems to be centred on the fact that Nolan was deemed good, maybe great, and now these peeps wanna revel in him being brought low. They want everyone to see what a fraud he is. It’s…yeah, it’s something.
Why can’t swathes of people really dig a creative without a slice of the world having to forcefully jam in and be all like “You’ve been had, he was never this good, this falter step proves it. Retroactive hack, RETROACTIVE HACK!”
Tall poppy syndrome is a killer – awareness is needed.

Though fighting internet rage with my internet rage is probably about as effective as finding a pitbull that bit a kid and kicking it with live chihuahuas strapped to my feet with their snippy little mouths and general unpleasant demeanour.