What Level Are You On?

by ryankl

I often think – can I even write a Casanova level work? Do I have that level of talent to produce something only, statistically speaking, like 5% of all creators manage to do (5%, jeez, probably only like 2%)

Honestly, I doubt I do.

How many of ‘those’ books are ever made? They aren’t the benchmark, they are the stars.

But I stand by HEADSPACE as something at the very top of the rung below those works (it’s def on the ladder), and DEER EDITOR is loitering nearby. Neither are instant classics that’ll span millennia but they are not half bad. I think my next mini could/should get close. And who knows, maybe down the track I’ll level up, or something will just click. If you work long enough, and steep in enough process chatter, you are bound to value add.

I often consider when people write those beyond phantasmagorical works in their career. Y, Scalped, Casanova, Fear Agent, they all come early in a career. But they don’t come first. You gotta get out your Rex Mantooths, Ripclaws, terrible BKV Marvel work, that Captain Scrotum or whatever Remender made first, and then level up later.

Maybe I’m in that phase right now. And if I am, I gotta be happy with it, and I gotta work daily to inch upwards, ever upwards. And if I never crack the 2%, I think I’d still be happy to be creating work I’m proud of, work I enjoy, and work I stand by. If you can’t do that, man, this game’ll crush you for sure.