Stand Against Hot Garbage Media

by ryankl

I kinda just wish more megacorps would take a stand against shitty media not because of any other reason than because they think it’s hot garbage.

The Kardashians are renowned oxygen thieves, so don’t stock them for that reason alone. Jersey Shore is gutter trash, leave it off the palettes. It’s not a moral high ground so much as it is we vote with our wallets. If we contribute to the circle of life that is money funding these machines then that’s what we’ll keep getting. We constantly remind consumers to put their money where their mouth is without expecting the higher ups to make any fine decisions at all.

If I owned a store, I’d happily take a dent in my quarterly just to take a stand and say I, personally, would not be participating in the proliferation in anything GTA V related. You wanna get it elsewhere, knock yourself out – literally – but I’d be stepping out of that hamster wheel.

These are my extended thoughts on the subject.

And I understand I grew up on video nasties and am certain people wanted them shitcanned for much of the 80s and if certain stores wanted to draw their line in the sand and not stock Troma flicks, that’d be fine, because others would allow a teen Ryan to hustle in and get himself some Toxie. Every store should be allowed that personal touch of making a choice to stock whatever the hell they please. I wish more would use some discretion rather than slowly adding to societal corrosion through the ‘hands up shrug’ excuse of “Money, y’all!”