HEADSPACE #5 on ComiXology

by ryankl

Chart a course for Carpenter Cove and set four colour phasers for insanity.

HEADSPACE #5 is now available on ComiXology for 99c
This issue leads us on a tour of Max’s mind, messed up locale that it is, and then drops us into two interesting places by issue’s end, both in the Cove with Shane, and IRL with Max.
Sebastian Piriz and Marissa Louise finally close the first leg of Max’s journey IRL and we see who he truly is, and what his next step will be.
Then Eric Zawadzki delivers two very different and yet both astoundingly awesome splash pages to better let us understand where Shane is, and why it is indeed rocky terrain – and you can see both splashes in the preview Eric threw up on his site.
It’s this issue that slows everything down, for a breath, and then #6 begins the amped up descent into madness.
I’ll hopefully have some annotations up soon for this issue, I’m a little swamped with a script for another thing, so it might be late.
Otherwise, the usual rules apply, tweet it out, talk to your uncle on a long distance telephone call, gift a copy to your peeps, indie books live and die on the vine due to word of mouth.
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