A Few Review Links

by ryankl

I love reviews. Good, bad, helpful, snarky, whatever. A review gives me something to work with, and that something is external feedback, an extra set of eyes. A review is always fascinating to me.

And, yes, I do read the reviews. I want people to read my work, it’ll do me well to know if I’m serving them well in my role.

So I have some reviews to link to below, and one of them I didn’t see for weeks. You’d be surprised how much I do not google myself. As such, if you review my work, drop me a tweet @ for it, or something. I wanna know your thoughts, and am happy to share them.

Without further ado – the links.

DEER EDITOR #1 gets a glowing review from Zander Riggs over at Destroy the Cyborg

He says, “But this is the kind of story I wait for.  This is the kind of story that I search desperately through the release lists for. This is the type of comic I wish would get more attention. This is Deer Editor.

Consider me stoked.

HEADSPACE #5 gets a 9/10 review from Ed Garrett over at TMStash

He says, “Issue #5 takes the story into territory that is both heartbreaking and horrifying.


To say I’m flattered by great reviews undersells it. I’m flattered when someone remembers my name. I’m floored when someone digs my stuff.

So, these have both found their way to me in 2015 and made me happy and excited for make more comics. Which I’ll go do now.