Tweet Your Own Adventure

by ryankl

There is a choose your own adventure game you can play on twitter – click on this account and then follow the links in the tweets: @wnd_go

I ended up at:
“The night is bitterly cold. In the morning, they find your frozen body.
They snap your fingers off for fun.”


I love this because it’s proof that great ideas are out there. In every advancement, every avenue people label as dumb, whatever, there are ways you can bring superb art into this world. And there are people out there thinking about this stuff. They say there’s only 7 stories you can tell, they say every chord imaginable has been played, but they don’t know the human need to innovate. And not always for profit but rather just to prove we can. We invented Rubic’s Cubes just so we could test ourselves. And I dig that people view life as a Rubic’s Cube sometimes and they twist and turn until they find something strange/unique/beautiful/fun/whatever.

Whenever I create, I try to image I’m about to do something that’s never been done before. And sometimes I fail, but I then try to edit it into something new. And if you wanna get real deep on it, you can perceive that the act of trying, and the way I go about it might be the first time it’s been done like that in the universe. Or maybe it’s the only way that moment will ever exist in this universe because there is no other life around and won’t be until we mechasupernova, blink back to nothing, and hope some new atoms rub into a different and maybe less violent and racist and problematic Big Bang. Who knows, but it’s fun to imagine, and play with, and twist, and create.

You can think about all that, or you can just go to this twitter account and read the entire RESERVOIR DOGS screenplay as a series of tweets. For realies.

Twitter, I love you. That’s what this post was about, right? Twitter? My love of twitter?

I’m off to go tweet, where’s the Publish butto–