Tell Your LCS HEADSPACE Is Coming

by ryankl

El peeperinos, I come to you asking a favour.

HEADSPACE – the Monkeybrain comic by Eric Zawadzki, Sebastian Piriz, Marissa Louise, Dan Hill, Chris Kosek, and myself – is about to be collected in its entirety by IDW and it’ll be in stores April 29.

headspace tpb cover 1

But — it’ll only be in stores if those stores think they can sell the book. They won’t magically order 15 copies and assume you’ll all turn up with fistfulls of cash by the fire drums screaming “500 ON RICHARDS!” – no, they’ll order what they think they can sell. So if you go in and tell them you will buy a copy, they’ll order a copy. Hell, they might even order one more – just in case. If 5 of you hit your shared LCS and preorder with the store, they might order 8 copies to have 3 shelf lurkers – because if this book has 5 peeps pre-keen, then it’ll surely move, right?

But, I’ll stress this again, if no one preorders it, the store will assume this things a bigger fizzer than a bath bomb and will proceed to order none so their business remains financially secure. Fair play, and all that.


Go into your LCS [Local Comic Store] and follow the following script:

“Hi, shopkeep, would you mind ordering and setting aside a copy of the HEADSPACE trade from IDW in April, I’m pretty sure the Item code is FEB150469. Cheers, boss/mate/muscles/cobber/captain/[insert cool nickname here].”

Conveniently, for you, that scripted sequence can just as easily be copy+pasted into an email to your LCS.

I’ve constantly said that indie comics like these live or die on the vine based on word of mouth and I appreciate every kind thing anyone has said about our little story that could.

If you are on the fence, hit the digital issues on ComiXology for 99pence each, or take the word of Christopher Sebela, because he’s a good dude:

“From page one, HEADSPACE takes the quiet life of small towns to some strange places. And once you’ve gotten your bearings, it giddily saws all the legs off your chair and sends you tumbling down a vertiginous hole of guns, monsters, dead folks, betrayal and that inescapable feeling that you’ll never know which way is up again.” — Christopher Sebela (HIGH CRIMES, ALIEN VS PREDATOR)

Or if Sebela has wronged you, sample these fine testimonials:

Zac Thompson at Bloody Disgusting said: “The concept is brilliant and executed with such skill that’ll you’ll barely find time to take a breath. The pacing is perfect and the world building is insane.”

And Pipedream Comics named us the 3rd best Monkeybrain book of 2014 as they said Headspace’s: “-dark fairytale mixes elements of the Truman Show, Hannibal and The Prisoner to create a brilliantly surreal take on the world of a small town sheriff.”


Head to your LCS stat and preorder the HEADSPACE tpb for April. We aim to please.