ECCC Announcement: NEGATIVE SPACE from Dark Horse in 2015

by ryankl

NEGATIVE SPACE is a 4 issue miniseries from Owen Gieni [art/colours] and myself, with Ryan Ferrier letters, and edited by Daniel Chabon. It launches at Dark Horse Comics later this year.



Guy Harris sits down to pen his suicide note and gets writer’s block.
He goes for a walk to clear his mind, and only finds a world more confusing.
Thinking along the lines of a Cronenberg/PKD mash up, this emotional story delves into corporate greed as we observe Rick, a superior agent of Kindred Corp, having Guy tailed and anxiously awaiting his final note. For what reason, well, it’s worse than what you could imagine. This warped tale packs in deplorably low lows and insanely chaotic highs.

I spoke with CBR all about the book, what it’s about, why I want to write about feelings all the time, and how much Owen Gieni is crushing on the art.

The creative team for the book is this emotional heist crew:

negspace2coverOwen Gieni is the colourist for SHUTTER, MANIFEST DESTINY, and DEBRIS at Image Comics.
Ryan K Lindsay is the writer on HEADSPACE [a Monkeybrain original collected into tpb at IDW and out on April 29th with art by Eric Zawadzki and Sebastian Piriz], DEER EDITOR [a one-shot at his own Four Colour Ray Gun imprint he kickstarted to great success and featuring Sami Kivela art], and FATHERHOOD [a one-shot at Challenger Comics with Daniel Schneider art].
Ryan Ferrier is everyone’s favourite person in comics.

Stay tuned for more news on NEGATIVE SPACE over the coming months as we prepare to launch.