HEADSPACE #8 on ComiXology

by ryankl

HEADSPACE #8 – the final issue! – is up on ComiXology now for just 99pence [LINK]


See the art and colours from Eric Zawadzki!

Screenshot 2015-04-07 21.14.19

Feel the art and colours from Sebastian Piriz/Dee Cunnifee!

Screenshot 2015-04-07 21.13.33

This is the end of the whole mess. Everything has been building to these 12 pages. We hope and aim to satisfy. Our solicitation text reads:

Shane V the Id in a blood red Carpenter Cove. Max and the kids under a slow dull sky. Surely, in our final moments, we all wonder if there are other worlds than these.

I cannot stress how immensely proud I am of this book. The whole team has rallied to bring together something special and I feel like, a whole year after we launched, that we’ve done it. But only you can tell us all.

So, please, buy the issue, enjoy the book, give us a rating on ComiXology, let your friends know, tweet up a storm.

Also, preorder the trade paperback collection from IDW which drops on the 29th of this fine month, just days before FCBD! Through the link you can see the actual trade cover before we’ve officially announced/released it – go run 😀

And if you’ve even read this far into the post, no less read up to issue #8, I gotta say thank you. I wouldn’t be doing this from 8pm-12midnight daily if it wasn’t for you. Well, that’s a lie, I totally would, but you def make it more fun. Thank you.

Thank you.