Horror Talk Interview about Negative Space

by ryankl

James Ferguson at Horror Talk had a chat with me about NEGATIVE SPACE [INTERVIEW LINK]

Jnegative space 1 logoames asks about my ‘Space’ trilogy, ha, and also delves into the depression inherent in this book/story. He also raises the idea of an emotional array like the Lantern Corp which made me laugh.

Have a read and get a sense of what I’m working towards on NEGATIVE SPACE.

NEGATIVE SPACE is a creator owned miniseries with Owen Gieni published by Dark Horse and the #1 issue debuts in July.

You can preorder the book through your LCS right now, or whichever other channels you score your four colour funnies through. The preorder code is: MAY150012, and all the details are at this [LINK]


To those preordering the book, thank you. Indie comics live and die on the vine based on preorders so you are making a huge difference in our lives. The publisher sets the print levels to match the preorders and change.

And to those who identify closely with the thought of depression or suicide, please HIT THIS LINK and see all the resources and places available to you. You are not alone. We are here to help you.