by ryankl

headspace boxedThe HEADSPACE tpb from IDW landed last week and I’m insanely happy with the product and proud of the job the whole team at HEADSPACE HQ did to get this out.

I am also happy with the trade reviews we got, so here they are:

Holly Interlandi @ Famous Monsters of Filmland [LINK] gives us 9/10 and says – “It’s like Oscar Wilde took a trip into Dante’s Inferno and emerged with creepy scientists and puppeted madmen.

Ed Garrett @ TMStash [LINK] gives us 9/10 and says – “... the conclusion to HEADSPACE was the perfect finale to an excellent series.

Jorge Solis at Bloody Disgusting [LINK] gives us 4.5/5 skulls and says – “With a truly dynamic mix of story and art, “Headspace” delivers a compelling read that raises questions about human nature.”

Dan Tres at FA Comics [LINK] gives us 4/5 and says – “Headspace is a head trip.”

Polo Lonergan @ Nerd Underground [LINK] gives us 9/10 and says – “It’s not a book to read once and later abandon; it’s one that you should pick up, learning something new with each re-read.”

Callum Webster @ Big Glasgow Comic [LINK] gives us 4.25/5 and says – “Now, with hindsight, there are multiple reason for this title to be called Headspace, as it has certainly rearranged mine as the story progresses.

tim Finch @ Geek Chic Elite [LINK] gives us 2.5/5 and says – “Much like Inception and Lost did to viewers, Headspace asks a lot of questions and gives a lot of clues for which the reader never gets resolution.” – :[

I am humbled by such positive response. It was insane to see people dropping their FCBD swag haul pics online and having our book be among the fun they then bought. This book has been the gift that keeps on giving as readers have loved it and reached out to us, reviewers have supremely dug it and the average score is always high but the words accompanying are always erudite and on point. In short, thank you to everyone that had a crack at the book this past week and we hope you dig it upon rereads as well.