NEGATIVE SPACE Page 1 Script/Art Leak

by ryankl

NEGATIVE SPACE is coming. In July, Owen Gieni and I are going to drop some emotional bombs on the world with our tale of Guy Harris, the poor sap who sits down to write his suicide note and gets writer’s block. Only Dark Horse Comics would take a chance on such a story, gobbless ’em.

You can find more information about this book here [LINK] and you can preorder this book now at your LCS using this order code: MAY150012

So to tantalise your riveted and emotionally nasty synapses, we found this leak of the first page script and accompanying coloured art. We hope you dig.


Screenshot 2015-04-20 23.26.26

INKS BY OWEN GIENI – this is the part where he takes my ramblings and turns them into something special. Go back and forth, see his detail, see the world he crafts. Purely amazing.

Y’know when writers say they work as hard on the comics as artists do – yeah, ha…HA.


COLOURED ART BY OWN GIENI – for me this is when the page comes to life. Like Owen moulded the clay above and here he breathes into it once and it’s a real world. And all that sadness becomes real :[


That poor bastard, and we’re only going to make things worse in some really weird ways. He’s stuck in a Polanski adaptation of a PKD book with a Nick Cave score and del Toro visuals, because the genre demands it.

We also hope you dig Owen’s hard work here, you can tell he spends the time on the pages to get them just right. He is the best to work with. I mean, I gave him some words in the script but he turns each word into three dozen lines. This whole book works that way with a script:awesome ratio off the charts.

To those preordering, thank you. Indie comics live and die on the vine based on preorders so you are making a huge difference in our lives.

And to those who identify closely with the thought of depression or suicide, please HIT THIS LINK and see all the resources and places available to you. You are not alone. We are here to help you.