Sequential App Sale – Top 10 Things to Find and Imbibe

by ryankl

The SEQUENTIAL app [you can find it in the App store, and browse the books here [LINK]] is a new digital comic reader [well, new to my peepers] and they seem to be peddling in ‘smart’ books, non-Big Two books, funky stuff, fresh jams, the pages  you sometimes won’t find elsewhere, so there’s Dark Horse, Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Myriad, IDW, and more.

Right now they’ve got this rad summer sale rocking [it ends August 1, so don’t delay] and I took a peep to see what’s up and I think there’s some cool stuff you’ll wanna get down on so here’s a little list of recs for you to hunt out there in the pixelated wild.

DISCLOSURE: Yeah, this is a shill for the app, but I completely would not do it unless I believed it.


  • Corpse on the Imjin

A reprinting of some sublime Harvey Kurtzman work from TWO FISTED TALES and FRONTLINE COMBAT, this is just prescribed stuff, really. Well, in my EC-centric world, it’s on the syllabus. Enjoy.

  • The Underwater Welder

Jeff Lemire’s best work? Quite possibly as this Twilight Zone style almost-fable is smart, gorgeous, and utterly perfect.

  • Sin Titulo

Cameron Stewart once did a webcomic and it was the best thing ever. It’s horror, and it’s front end loaded so you have no idea, but if you feel me on VIDEODROME then you should follow me into this wild world. It’s completely worth it.

  • Hook Jaw

Now, I haven’t actually read this one, hadn’t even heard of it, but Pat Mills does this and it’s about a shark attacking people and it sounds like a bloody ripper.

  • Green River Killer

This documentary comic [docomic?] about the Green River Killer is very much in that Oliver Stone vein of JFK, and even Fincher’s Zodiac, and I reference those because they are texts about their content but also thoroughly gripping, much like this book.

  • DKW: Ditko, Kirby, Wood

An homage to those three names. Enjoy.

  • The Fifth Beatle

I was prepared for this book to not come near the hype but over a long plane flight [well, two of them, actually, this is a tome] I fell deeper in love with Andrew Robinson’s art, and this book will hook you in hardcore.

  • Hellboy in Hell

A masterclass of storytelling, plain and simple. Even if you know nothing of Hellboy, hell, if you hate the chaarcter, there’s still so much learning to take from Mignola’s pages. On the syllabus it goes.

  • Richard Stark’s Parker – The Outfit

Darwyn Cooke’s series of Parker novel adaptations are all on point, get down on any of the 4, but this one miiiiight be my favourite. It’s loose, warped, intriguing, interesting – and that’s just the style of storytelling, then there’s the actual story.

  • Thumbprint

An adaptation of a Joe Hill short story by Jason Ciaramella with Vic Malhotra art. Yeah, this is good stuff you might have missed.

Sooo, those are some of the sale items I heartily recommend you scope out. Beyond that, there’s Sin City, ApocalyptiGirl, a tonne of BPRD, Essex County, and I’m keen to finally try TEOTFW. But, hell, there’s so many more. Get the app, dig in, seriously, this is the ‘other’ app you need on your reader next to the ComiXology and Dark Horse readers.

Here’s the link to the sale [LINK] and hit me up if you dig any books and think I should drop the coin while the sale lasts.