Breaking Into Comics 101

by ryankl

Earlier this year, I presented a completely pompous, and totally unhelpful, panel about breaking into comics at the ComicGong affair in Wollongong. I present it now, late, for your downloading pleasure/peepers:


In it, you’ll find me talking through some of the steps you might/should go through when first breaking into comics. There’s discussion of how much to write, and how/where to possibly find artists, as well as what to publish first.

All things I have huge thoughts about but with all of them YMMV.

My hope is you might find one nugget of help in there, maybe two. It’s not prescriptive, and there is certainly no guarantee [otherwise I’d follow it, ha] but if it gets you thinking or points you towards something cool or just reaffirms your current practise, well, shine on.

I share this mostly because it’s full of stuff I wish someone had told me ten years ago. I hope in ten years time it’s had some hand in putting you on the right path.