ymmv. – A Column on Comics Process

by ryankl

Yep, process.

It’s no secret I love talking about, reading up on, and sharing thoughts about writing process. It’s one of those things where I bring things up to find answers, or to share aspects because it’s the kind of thing I wish someone had brought up with/around me when I was a writing youngling. I never really know exactly what I’m talking about because who honestly knows it all? But what fun is couching everything you say in passive modality and loose terms that hold little power for yourself or others.

As such, I’m launching a new endeavour, a column on comic process titled ymmv. It will be caged and put up for display every second Tuesday at Loser City. You can read the initial instalment right now:

ymmv .01 – 4 [LINK]


This intro column sets the table without me just sitting there and dot pointing what I plan to do with the column. I figure I’ll show you by doing it, and so I unpack my personal writing situation, I talk about being a human first before a writer, and I guess it’s all a disclaimer that as important as comic process is, you and actual real life connections matter the most. And if you treat them right, you’ll probably have more to write about. Or not. ymmv.

So come along, see me fall flat on my face, pick me up and point me in the right direction, or just jump over that trap that flagged me, and run into daylight so that I might follow. Let us all make better comics, one self-absorbed fortnightly column at a time.

NOTE: ymmv is an abbreviation for ‘your mileage may vary,’ which means an idea might be rad for me but won’t work for you. That’s pretty well the mystical truth behind any advice, knowing it when giving as well as receiving it is key.

Have a great day.