by ryankl

STUCK IN THE GUTTERS is a digital magazine about comics featuring essays and comics mashed together just how you like it. I mean, it’s def how I love it, so I assume if you’re here you’d probably dig it. Just a little. Trust me,  yeah?

STUCK IN THE GUTTERS #2 just went live on Gumroad [LINK] – and it’s a ‘pay what you want’ thing, so, y’know, ‘pay what it’s worth’ :]


This issue features a new Jam Session from Dan Hill and myself where we really dig deep into the recently wrapped HAWKEYE run, focusing mostly on Annie Wu’s Kate Bishop storyline, but also just analysing themes from the whole thing. In writing this, I came to better love a run I already loved so much. We really unearthed some stuff that got me thinking, which was nice.

There’s also comics from Dan Hill and Alex Diotto, Kelly Williams [who also rocks the above cover], and majordomo Leo Johnston writes about SOUTHERN BASTARDS, as well as there being multiple instances of malarkey from Ricardo Mo, amongst other radness.

In all, get down on this, it’s a thick digital tome, it’s ace comics and four colour discussion, and I want to write for it forever so fund it a little so we can keep going. You can do this also by buying #1, too, if you haven’t already, thanks [LINK]

Sidebar – I love writing these Jam Sessions for the mag because it gets me thinking about comics in an analytical way and that’s always going to help you level up in making your own comics, also. It’s why I’ll always enjoy writing about comics nearly as much as I love writing them. It’s all good verbiage flow.