ymmv .04 – Opening Panels

by ryankl

What’s the best opening panel you ever created for an issue?

Why? What is that panel doing?

I wrote about opening panels at Loser City for my column, ymmv, and I analysed my own stuff to see what I’m doing, why, and if it’s working.

ymmv .04 – Opening Panels [LINK]


The idea of the opening panel as the opening contract with the reader fascinates me. So, what can you do with an opening panel? I dive into a few different ways to convey a few different things [no, I won’t be more specific, click that red hot link and read for your own self all the things you can do – well, some of the things, and then I’m sure you’ll think of your own things instantly that I seemed to have neglected to mention and then instantly you’ll be a better writer than me – congrats, you’ve made it, pally!].

In short, opening panels are hugely important and you should read all of them, write yours more than once, plan ahead, and enjoy.