Noirvember is Coming

by ryankl

Oh, yes, Noirvember is coming. Believe.

noirvember title 1

Forget Inktober, or Movember, or Dinovember, or any of that other malarkey. The real month to end it all begins in a few weeks.

Noirvember is a whole month of noir through November.

In the past, I’ve seen the word. I’ve seen maybe a noir flick poster posted up, but that’s been it. So, I’m staking some of the turf as fresh soil and doing something fun with it.

For the whole of Noirvember, you can come here and every day I’ll have a new post about something noir that interests me. I’m trying to steer clear of the obvious classics [because smarter peeps than I have said it all and said it better] and I’m also talking true noir [downfalls, bleak endings] not the aesthetic of film noir.

I want most of the entries to be surprises but I will sneak you some peeks at things I’ll be covering throughout the month:


BAD NIGHT is the most pure noir Phillips/Brubaker deliver in CRIMINAL. It is liquid noir, it is the black hole resultant from a Large Phillips/Brubaker/Hadron Collider, it is so damn good. For me, it’s the noir manifesto taught through narrative.”


This isn’t ray guns and V-necked horseshit. This is noir.”


This sad green book from Riley Rossmo and Kurtis J Wiebe is the comic equivalent of having your head held underwater and all you can see tangled in the reeds below are all the things you love.”


Is there anything more noir than the mad scientist?”

Noirvember, get excited. There’s going to be about ~35k of words in this beast so I hope you dig. See you in 13 days for the beginning of the whole mess.