NY Resolution for 2016

by ryankl

I love making a Resolution or two on NYE for the incoming year. Taking that tired moment of glee to pull the rug out of 2016 Ryan before he even truly exists. It’s glorious.

And in the past I’ve wildly succeeded, as well as miserably failed. I have twice taken a year away from chocolate and completely nailed it. I made it so I’d read at least one single comic every day and my reading picked up greatly. But I’ve also tried to enforce exercise regimes, and it never works completely. I’ve tried to read 10 novel pages a day but it eventually slipped. They can’t all be winners but I like trying something new. I mean, I try new things all the time but doing it with the set goal of only needing to last 365 days can be a fun thing as well as a useful thing.

I’d rail my usual rant against those who poo-poo the NY Resolution but I said it all here perfectly in my last ymmv column over at Loser City [LINK].

But, in short, if you dig ’em, then get down on it, if not, well mosey on by pard’ner.

For those who still care – both of you – check this out.

My major resolution for 2016 is to write down one story idea a day [#366stories]

I have a notebook and I’m going to get something down every single day no matter what. It can be a one line high concept, a mash up, a character led thing, a half a page flurry of pure idea juice. It can be good, it will be bad. But across 366 it’ll surely yield 1-3 ideas I don’t hate in the face, right?


I’m doing this because it’s not something I’d want to do every day for the rest of my life, and it gets my creative brain churning, and it’s also already got me looking at the world differently, putting spins on things, analysing, overanalysing. It’s fun.

That’s really my only main one this year. I’ll allow myself to go back on chocolate but I know I kinda won’t. I sat in a car all day with an open bag of M&Ms and wasn’t even tempted. I am become willpower.

I’ll continue to read a comic a day, no matter what. And I’m rocking this new ‘to do’ list productive assessment method. Beats what I was hacking through last year 😐 [new regime on the left 2, old rank clusterF on the right].

Screenshot 2016-01-01 21.46.46

Do you have a resolution for 2016? Something new to try? Something reductive to stop the old hateful ways lingering about? I hope you are a few days in and still rocking the bizz.