DEER EDITOR #2 Kickstarter is Coming!

by ryankl

On March 1st, a Kickstarter for more antler noir begins when we launch the DEER EDITOR #2 campaign to raise $1250 over 21 days.

DE 2_cover

After the Kickstarter for DEER EDITOR #1 ended on 230% funded [LINK], Sami Kivelä and I always knew we’d be back. It’s taken 18 months, and in that time we’ve completed CHUM, a 3 issue mini at ComixTribe launching April 27, and Sami’s done a few other things as well, but now we are back.

The issue is all done [except for letters] and to get the PDF of the story it will cost you $1 [and that’s an Aussie dollar, so US peeps will feel the discount on that one].

We’re also gonna make the PDF to issue #1 available for a buck, also, so the main event in a stripped back fashion is as cheap as we could reasonably make it. Beyond that, like the first campaign, there’s gonna be some value add pledge tiers. Wait’ll you see the pin ups and who did them!

So set your clock for Tuesday the 1st of March at 7pm Aussie EST because Bucky is back, and we all hope you’ll join us for the fun and the fangs [yes, fangs, you’ve been warned]. More information will roll out throughout the week, pin ups, bigger PDFs, original art, and a very special audio deal.

Screenshot 2016-02-04 23.36.48