by ryankl

The Kickstarter for DEER EDITOR: FEARLESS, the second issue in our antler noir tale, launches Tuesday March 1st [next week]. We are aiming to raise $1250, and a lot of that will come from digital options from our campaign.

DE 2_cover

Here are your options for the:



The story in a DRM-free PDF. Nothing extra, no distractions, just the whole story at an entry level price ready to read on your tablets.

~48 pages, + credits and chapter pages

This level might be my death because if everyone only chooses here I’ll need 1250 backers to make my goal. But I’m a firm digital reader who loves the $1 price point. So, here we are.


The DRM-free PDFs of DEER EDITOR #2 and #1. Nothing extra, no distractions, just both stories at an entry level price ready to read on your tablets, so those who missed out the first time round aren’t left in the dark.

~96 pages, + credits and chapter pages


The #2 story, with back matter, sketches, pin ups, and script, in a DRM-free PDF, as well as the Tabloid PDF for #1.

~110 pages, + other extras as we unearth them :]

This is the deluxe package, this is the sort of PDF I’d lose my mind for. Process junkies, those wanting a peek behind the curtain, this is your place to be. I also think this price is fair but a gamble to get us across the line.

Inside you will find the entire story, plus some back matter written by me, then some sketches and thumbnails by Sami, as well as some pin ups of Bucky (by Vic Malhotra, Alfie Gallagher, Eric Zawadzki, Boy Akkerman, Matt Lesniewski, Marc Noble, and maybe others), some designed prints by me, at least one ink sketch by me, as well as the full script of this issue.


Okay now, this is THREE! PDFs. You get the BROADSHEET PDF for #2, and also the RKL SCRIPT #2 PDF, feat. scripts of MANY of my other projects, as well as the Tabloid PDF for #1.

The extra PDF will contain scripts to:

NEGATIVE SPACE #1 – my book at Dark Horse with Gieni  – DOWN – my short with Gieni in SHUTTER – THE SECRET HISTORY OF PAUL KEATING AND HIS MOLE MEN – a short story of Australian political debauchery –SKYDANCER – a short that’s my version of a Bond villain’s origin story – HIGH FLYERS, LOW LIVES – a short story about crime and remote control planes – and HEADSPACE #4-6 – the meat in the middle of my book with Monkeybrain/IDW.

I love reading comic scripts, they certainly help hone my own writing, so I hope some process junkies out there really dig on this beast of a package.

So those are your digital options so far. Last campaign, 247 different people locked in at one of these levels. Tomorrow, I’ll discuss why you might want to pledge a little bit more for some other things we’re offering. For now, get excited, we officially launch in less than a week!