by ryankl

DE 2_coverDEER EDITOR: FEARLESS is coming to Kickstarter next week to continue the tale of Bucky: editor, deer, man last seen shot in the chest.

Sami Kivelä and I are bringing the heat to this new issue that looks at obsession, vampires, and antlers. It’s 48 tablet pages of beautiful insanity and we can’t wait to launch the campaign. This week we already told you about the book [LINK] and the basic story pledge levels [LINK] so here we wanted to upsell you on the good stuff and also SHOW YOU SOME GORGEOUS PIN UPS! Here we go.


Select one of the pin ups by our amazing guest artists and I’ll write a word balloon/thought bubble/caption and I’ll dirty letter it myself and JPEG it to your inbox. Comes with the BROADSHEET PDF for #2 + RKL SCRIPT #2 PDF, as well as the Tabloid PDF for #1.

You can choose from those available [which I’ll send to you in a detailed list at the end of the campaign but you can see some listed below]. I will then write something ghastly and superfantastic to be lettered onto the pin up and we’ll send this one of a kind digital keepsake straight to you.

$15 – PAGE 3 PIN UPS – limited to 5

Select 1 of 5 ink sketches of Dan the Subeditor by Ryan K Lindsay. Comes with the BROADSHEET PDF for #2 + RKL SCRIPT #2 PDF, as well as the Tabloid PDF for #1.

I’m no illustrator but I promise to really put my all into these inked sketches on A4 paper. Plus, y’know, due to the scarcity of me ever trying to draw something, these artifacts are sure to be worth millions on the wild west of the bitcoin market. Check out an example of the goods at the bottom of the page.

You can choose from sketches of Dan: standing, looking, thinking, zoning out, and agonising, and I’ll send it to you in the mail.


Ryan will record an audio commentary of the issue that you can listen to as you read the book in realtime. The audio files will be sent to you. Comes with the BROADSHEET PDF for #2 + RKL SCRIPT #2 PDF, as well as the Tabloid PDF for #1.

I love audio commentaries on DVDs, and I love reading people’s annotations, so this is sure to be good, right? I don’t know why but I’m crazy excited to do this one. Hugely.

So those are some upsize pledges, now let’s roll out these pin ups – enough of the words already!
de small bruyn

Craig Bruyn’s pin up

de small gallagher

Alfie Gallagher’s pin up

de small josh george

Josh George’s pin up

de small lesniewski

Matt Lesniewski’s pin up

de small malhotra

Vic Malhotra’s pin up

Marc Noble’s pin up


de small zawadzki

Eric Zawadzki’s pin up

And this is just a taste of the gorgeousness coming for your face in the DEER EDITOR: FEARLESS Kickstarter launching next Tuesday and running 21 days. See you there or be a square.