DEER EDITOR: FEARLESS Kickstarter Launch Imminent

by ryankl


Sami Kivelä and I are about to wade into the murky waters of Kickstarter once more for our latest DEER EDITOR comic, FEARLESS.

DE 2_coverTomorrow, our campaign launches and we’ll be hitting the pavement to rally up $1,250 worth of pledges to get Sami paid, as well as fill all our other collective coffers because Sami, Nic J Shaw, Dan Hill, and myself stepped up and made the comic first in the hopes it was ace enough to def get funded.

So, you can drop $1 for the basic story pdf, or you can buy some OG Kivelä art for $90, and plenty in between, and we hope you’ll tell your friends. If things get hectic, we’ve got some ace stretch goals lined up.

DEER EDITOR: FEARLESS Kickstarter starts tomorrow, because we believe in antler noir.

pin up by Marc Noble

pin up by Marc Noble