DEER EDITOR: FEARLESS Kickstarter is live

by ryankl

Don’t you just love seeing a Kickstarter get fully funded in 24 hours?

DE2_Media2_bThe campaign for DEER EDITOR #1 was fully funded in about 25 hours. I wanted to be sneaky – I doubt anyone ever actually ‘checks’ these things – and say it happened in 24, say I only needed one single day unit to crush my goal of success, but I couldn’t do it. I had to be honest. Plus, it’s given me a bar to beat this time. I want to wrap in 23 hours. Or less.

So, while we’re on the topic, the DEER EDITOR: FEARLESS Kickstarter is LIVE [LINK]

Hit us for just $1 and you can have the full story – all 48 tablet pages – in a pdf, or you can get other things for a variety of dollar values. Original art from Sami Kivelä, a pdf full of scripts by me, original art from me, an audio commentary, a limited edition printed script with liner notes from me [already sold out]. All fun, all priced low, and all just for you.

Hit the campaign, choose your pledge, and then go and tell your friends.

As we hit success ranges, all backers will get thank you downloads, and once we hit the goal, all backers will get a download, and then in the stretch goals the idea is that all backers get a variety of other new exciting downloads.

If we hit goal, all backers get an extra 2 page short story, an 8 page short story, and an ebook. If we hit all stretch goals, people could get their hands on another ebook, a successful pitch document, the opportunity to be published in the comic, some prose words from me, and a digital magazine download, and maybe even a pdf of an upcoming gig that’s yet to formally be announced/launched.

So there’s value to be had for just a buck. Or more.

Let’s make the next 21 days count because we believe in #antlernoir

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