by ryankl

So the DEER EDITOR: FEARLESS Kickstarter from Sami Kivelä and myself has been up 6 days and it’s been one hell of a week – [LINK]

DE 2_cover

We reached our fully funded goal in 13 hours, and gave a roundhouse hoof to the first stretch goal in under 24 hours.

From there, we’ve hit the next stretch goal, and tonight we clocked 200 backers, and we look set to eclipse the completed funding from the first campaign sometime this week, I’d wager.

It’s a 3 week campaign, so this middle week is the dead zone, which we wanted to compress, but I’m hoping we rock strong and hit $3000 – that’s my true pie in the sky total. We cleared ~$2300 first time, so going up to $3k would be ace, plus at that level we unlock the ability for all backers at $3 and up to write a ‘6 word antler noir’ story to be included in the Broadsheet PDF and I think that would be grand.

But for now, projections aside, I want to look over the past week and say thank you to everyone who has backed, or send out a signal boost, or just not actively petitioned against us.

This comic means a lot to me, because I love the main character, because I love experimenting with tablet view comics and how that affects storytelling, and because I love working with Sami, and because this crazy crowd funding malarkey makes it feel like we can all make comics, right?

For now, thank you for believing in antler noir comics and we hope the next fortnight keeps going as strong as we have so far.