ymmv .15 – Writing the Love of your Life

by ryankl

The latest ymmv is up and it’s an ode to DEER EDITOR and why sometimes you should just write what you love. Because that passion will shine through, and maybe even rub off, and you’ll feel happier for it all.

I mean, c’mon, who knew a story about a deer journalist fighting mayoral corruption and then facing vampires would be a Kickstarter success twice? It’s only through force of will that anyone cares about this dumb idea, I’m sure, and I’d like to think my passion behind it, my crazy love, makes people believe it’ll live up. It also keeps me working really hard on it, in weird ways, to keep it afloat and support it and make it a reality.

READ ymmv .15 – Writing the Love of your Life – LINK

I honestly believe that writing something you are dying in love with is important and also so damn good.

And if you believe in this as much as you will believe in antler noir then hit the latest DEER EDITOR Kickstarter [LINK] – for just $1 got the 48 tablet page comic, or level up to get the previous issue also for a buck, or an audio commentary, or some OG Sami Kivelä art.