Get a Sami Kivelä Cover for Your Comic

by ryankl

For those who know and love Sami Kivelä’s ability to draw an amazing cover for a comic, I know you’ll want to pay attention to how you can get him to create a comic cover for your own comic.

For those who aren’t yet in love with Sami’s cover brilliance, bask in this good business:

Screenshot 2016-04-04 21.23.07

Sami has a way of boiling down the tone of your story, and the central themes, and putting out a piece of art that’s just brilliant. These 3 covers were for our series CHUM, at ComixTribe, which was a surf noir tale. He brings the pulp and the violence and the dread to each cover.

And here’s the cover we originally pitched with, that I still love because it looks like a surf music record cover:

coloured cover

This is a cover for a hard sci fi periodical Sami and I will be launching soon called CURRICULUM. It’s an ensemble piece, about isolation and exploration and survival, and he’s nailed that here, with assistance from Marissa Louise’s colours.

Screenshot 2016-08-25 21.03.40

Now imagine you could commission Sami for a cover on your own work. That would be pretty amazing, right?

Well, in the DEER EDITOR: HACK Kickstarter, launching Aug 30, Sami is offering the chance to commission him for one [1] cover that he will ink and colour for your project [his subject approval pending, naturally] and he’ll send you all the hi-res files and such that you can use it for your book and promotional materials for the life of your project.

Sami is only offering one of these opportunities, and for the great cover commission price of AU$300.

The campaign launches next week so you have time to think this over and check your bak account, but you’ll want to decide quickly because this one is definitely not going to last long.

Imagine how good your book would look with a cover by Sami Kivelä on the front…see you next Tuesday.