DEER EDITOR: HACK Kickstarter Launches Tomorrow

by ryankl

All chronospheres set to 4pm EST Australia tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 30, yeah?

The DEER EDITOR: HACK kickstarter launches and Sami Kivelä and I have a month to raise $2000


You can read all about the campaign tomorrow when it launches, but for now:

  • Get the whole DEER EDITOR: HACK issue/pdf for $1
  • Get all 3 DEER EDITOR issues [comprising a full set] for $3
  • Back in the first 24 hours at the $3+ level and also get a pdf of CHUM #1 from Sami and me
  • Have Sami Kivelä draw a fully inked/coloured cover for your comic for $300
  • Every time we hit 100 backers, I’m going to send all three DEER EDITOR issues in print to one lucky backer.
  • And there’s plenty more to enjoy, and hidden up our sleeves. Some of the stretch goals are ace, so stay tuned.

Have a look, back the comic, share with a mate, all is appreciated.

Support indie comics and be a legend for life.

Oh, and enjoy the following pin ups that’ll be featured throughout the campaign and comic because they are amazing.

Alex Cormack - Deer Editor Sexy Lamp H

pin up by Alex Cormack

Doug Hills - DeerEditor

pin up by Doug Hills

Francesco Iaquinta deer editor_pin-up

pin up by Francesco Iaquinta

Jeff Martin - Deer Editor

pin up by Jeff Martin

Louie Joyce - Deer Editor Pinup_LJ

pin up by Louie Joyce

Sebastian Piriz - Deer Editor - Pinup issue 3

pin up by Sebastian Piriz

Simone Guglielmini - Dark Deer Pin Up

pin up by Simone Guglielmini

Matt Horak - deer editor pin up

pin up by Matt Horak

Matt Horak2 - deer editor pin up

pin up by Matt Horak, again


~ See you all tomorrow ~