For only a $1 pledge, you can get yourself all hooked up with so much good stuff, check it! [LINK]


  • DEER EDITOR: HACK comic issue in pdf – available at conclusion of the campaign
  • THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL ebook of essays – available for download right now!
  • THE SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLDS comic short in pdf – available for download right now!
  • STUCK IN THE GUTTERS #2 comic magazine file –¬†available for download right now!
  • THE META-COOL OF HOMAGE: Layers of Fidelity with Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk essay pdf –¬†available for download right now!

Look at all that content [and so much available instantly for your peepers] for just $1.

There’s a reason we funded in 7 hours, and have blasted through stretch goal after stretch goal to find ourselves over $3600 in under half our campaign.

And just consider what you get for $3

  • DEER EDITOR: HACK in a deluxe pdf with back matter, the script, pin ups, as well as a now unlocked extra 4 page short story, and an Antler Noir prose story.
  • When we hit $4k, we’ll add the chance for all backers to submit a Six Word Newspaper Noir story which will be added to the deluxe pdf.

But, really, all we need is $1 – it gets you so much.

If you’ve already backed, thank you. If you’re about to, thank you. Spread the word, link up your mates, download the free fun stuff, get excited, charge for $4k, and believe in #antlernoir