EIR – Meet Sasha and Eir

by ryankl

Sasha is the young female lead character of the $1 all ages sci fi one-shot coming to Kickstarter in November with Alfie Gallagher on art, Triona Farrell on colours, Ryan Ferrier on letters, Dan Hill on edits, and me writing.

Eir is the eponymous sentient helmet she wears.

You can get all the entry level details for the campaign here – click link


Today, we want you to meet Sasha:


Sasha wakes up one morning to find a sentient sci fi helmet on her windowsill. It’s offering to facilitate a little fun, and she’s looking to get away from her family downstairs.

Naturally, she’s instantly zooming across the galaxy into all kinds of mischief.


For an all ages sci fi story, I wanted to create an interesting female lead to guide us through the wilds of space. I wanted a character who could handle everything that was thrown at her, and want to dive into more. Sasha’s sense of adventure is a guiding light, but it’s her sense of higher purpose that really shows who she is through her actions.

Considering this romp is also a deconstruction of personal acceptance, exploration of self, and understanding of place with others, it made sense for us to create a flawed hero who wasn’t going to stop when things got tough. Sasha is determined and hilarious and committed and still a child.

She’s the sort of thing I want my two children to read in a comic, so here she is. I hope they dig her.

As for Eir, well, it’s a sentient helmet. Who likes to offer adventure. And advice. It was always going to be more than just a central prop, or a narrative conceit. Eir is something you come to know, and appreciate, and also feel for.

Eir might be the boss paint job and white wall tyres, but Sasha is the chassis forged in fire, and the engine that doesn’t know how to stop.

EIR comes to Kickstarter on Nov. 01 and we hope you check us out, and maybe snag a copy for the kids in your life, too.