EIR – Meet Alfie Gallagher

by ryankl

EIR exists because Alfie Gallagher came on board and made it the magic that it is.


This all ages sci fi one-shot comic is a pure collaboration between me and Alfie, and we are so excited to bring it to Kickstarter across all of November.


To learn more about the EIR Kickstarter campaign in general, CLICK HERE

To learn more about Sasha and Eir, the young female lead and her sentient sci fi helmet, CLICK HERE

I can remember, a while back, discovering Alfie’s art – probably on twitter. I can remember being blown away by it, and so starting a conversation with the man. A conversation that eventually led to this collaboration. I could see from Alfie’s expressive, fluid, and welcoming style, that’d he would quite simply crush it on an all ages book. And the script for EIR, then just titled with the stand-in HELMET, was coming along nicely and I knew he’d be the perfect partner in crime for this.

To say that Alfie has exceeded expectations on this book is an understatement. He brought the galactic funk when needed, he laid down the sass and the cool to always build character, and he completely annihilates those moments of emotional gravity where we want you to feel. Alfie is every reason this book succeeds, he is the champion behind it all. And he’s so ably aided by Triona Farrell on colours that you could forgive a writer for feeling like he isn’t needed – they do all the heavy lifting.

During our Kickstarter, it gives me great pleasure to share Alfie with you in exciting ways where you can pledge to receive original art from him. Just consider some of his artwork here to get a taste of his style and wild talent!

01 02 03

We launch on November 01 at 4pm EST Australia, so look closely below and work out what you want because I can’t imagine much of it will last long.

$80 will get you an ink sketch of Sasha in the helmet from Alfie

$90 will get you a bespoke ink sketch of whatever you want

$100 will get you 1 of 3 interior ink pages from the book – samples coming later

$115 will get you the inks for the EIR pin up


$130 will get you the inks for the EIR cover


$[affordable mystery price] will get you an inked cover for your own book by Alfie – a great opportunity for someone nascent putting together a comic and wanting it to look amazing on the shelf – so please consider quality assurance samples below.

09 11 12

I mean, simply behold that beauty above. Imagine that on the front of your own comic. Wild, right?

So, I suggest you set an alarm for November 01, 4pm Aussie EST, because all these art pledges go live, and they are a steal, and a great thing for your wall, and for your life.

EIR is a $1 all ages sci fi one-shot comic. We hope you dig. And in the wait time, Alfie is running a Kickstarter campaign right now for a gorgeous sketch book and you most likely need it in your life.


Thank you.