EIR – First 24 Hour Backer Rewards

by ryankl

Oh, wow, do we have some good news for you! You like free comic PDF downloads of stupendously fantastic all ages comics, right?


EIR is our all ages sci fi one-shot comic from Alfie Gallagher and me, launching on Kickstarter Nov 01.

Remember that day, because for every backer that comes in for the first 24 hours at the $3 pledge level or higher, well, we’ve got a crazy treat for you – there are going to be some amazing bonus downloads given to you that very night.


screenshot-2016-09-06-22-18-34We believe in EIR, and we believe in all ages comics, and we believe in the power of Kickstarter [this is my fourth rodeo], and so we believe in support. Most importantly, supporting those who support us.

EIR is the story of Sasha, a young girl who wakes up with a sentient sci fi helmet in her room who promises intergalactic adventures, as well as a moment’s peace away from her hectic family. You should totally buy it for yourself, but maybe also buy it to give to a little friend, email it to your kids, or tell an extension writing group that it’d make good reading and they should get their pledge on. This book is for everyone, with wild and weird aliens as well as some super-grounded emotions and themes.

You need this book in your life, so to make the decision quick for you, we’re going to offer one day only downloads for the following comics for the grand people who back the campaign in the first 24 hours at the $3 pledge level or higher – and the $3 level means you are getting the deluxe and massive EIR PDF with art process, the script, a mammoth essay, and lots of other fun stuff. And then you will now also get access to the PDFs of:

THE INTREPIDS #1 from Scott Kowalchuk and Kurtis J. Wiebe

CAPTAIN ULTIMATE #1 from Boy Akkerman, Ben Bailey, and Joey Esposito

ORC GIRL, a one-shot, from Thomas Boatwright and Paul Allor, and

CLOWN FIGHT, a one-shot, from Ger Curti and Rob Harrington

This means just $3 in the first day and you’ll get 4 whole comics that night, as well as our deluxe/huge one-shot at the end of the month, too. And these 4 downloads are here for a reason, because they represent some of the best of what I think has come out in all ages comics in a while. These are Certified Awesome. And all yours, just for being punctual.

C’mon, that’s a bargain you can’t ignore, right?

Set your alarm klaxons for Tuesday November 01, 4pm EST [Australia] and get ready to have your week’s reading sorted just because we love you. You have one week to be prepared.