EIR – An Affordable All Ages Digital Comic

by ryankl

I believe in cheap digital comics. With my Kickstarter campaigns, I only ever try and ask for what I would personally pay myself.

As such, all through November, you’ll be able to buy EIR, our all ages sci fi one-shot comic from Alfie Gallagher [artist], Triona Farrell [colourist], Ryan Ferrier [letterer], and myself [writer] at the spectacular prices of $1 or $3.


Why are there two prices for the PDF of this comic? Simple.

$1 EIR = a PDF of the story, and that’s it.

Read it, love it, print it off to roll it up and put it in your back pocket while you trundle off to play stick ball. This is all you need to enjoy the story, and it’s only a dollar [and not only that, an Aussie dollar – no doubt pennies on your end if you are overseas/intergalactic].

No matter what other pledges or prices I offer, I know I’m not gouging because if the story interests you, well, there’s that dollar entry. Whereas:

$3 EIR = a deluxe mammoth PDF of the story, art process, pin up material, the script, extra character bios – everything for the process junkie looking for more, and looking to score.

This PDF is, in my opinion, still crazy affordable, but I know it’s not for everyone. And if it is for you, man, you are going to love it, and love that price.

My hope is that people want to peek enough behind the curtain that they’ll drop the trio of coins for us, and help get Alfie Gallagher paid even more, but if not, just that $1 pledge helps.


Every pledge sends emails to your followers instantly, every person who follows up with a backing response on social media helps push things forward. And those things do generate clicks and more pledges. Kickstarter is a glorious snowball like that.

So set the alarm clock you wear around your neck for 4pm Tuesday November 01 [Aussie EST] and get in on this great all ages comic, and by backing in the first 24 hours open yourself up to 4 more free instant downloads that night [READ ABOUT THE FIRST 24 HOUR BACKER REWARDS HERE] and we hope to see you on the trail in November. It’s going to be fun.

And if looking over Alfie’s amazing art in this post gets your excited, then hit the link here to discover the phenomenal art opportunities Alfie is opening up to everyone through this campaign. I’m so crazy excited to see what you are able to pledge for.