BEAUTIFUL CANVAS #1 launches this week.

Months of prep since 2016 have led Sami and Triona and Ryan and Dan and me to this point. And we are so excited. We hope you’ve preordered, but feel free to drop into your LCS and hope they’ll have some shelf copies, too.

If you wanna get really pumped, just hit up our online preview now to see the madness about to unfold:


To celebrate the release, and because our final issue, #4, is up for preorder right now, I thought we’d look over the covers of the series.

We’ll start with the Christian Ward variant for #1, so then we can slide across all 4 of Sami’s covers without interruption.

Gorgeous, right? Hell of a way to launch a series, so we say thank you to Christian for being a supreme gentleman.

And just as good to have #1 drop Sami Kivela in as the A cover:

The fact we have two covers to launch a thousand boats says a lot to me. I love the meaning crammed into this cover.

But I also think maybe Sami’s cover for #2 might be better, or maybe it’s the colours that strike me more. I can never decide.

I know Sami then followed up with #3’s cover, and it’s dynamite.

Those symbol signs are just beyond awesome.

And then Sami actually followed this up with a cover to #4 that was amazing. But a week later he decided he had something better, and I think he was right. We tinkered with what colour to put where – blacks and greys and reds and orange – and we settle on the below cover for #4 and now I think maybe *this* cover might be my favourite.

Though, really, just look at all four covers and tell me Sami isn’t an absolute beast. This book is going to be a phenomenal presence on the stands, and that’s all on sami [and a little on Christian].

We are so proud of this book, and the next 4 months are going to be spectacular as they roll out.

We hope you’ll join us for it.