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Month: August, 2017

My Newsletter – A Study in Madness and Shame

I write a weekly newsletter about my life making comics that I send out every Monday. Perhaps you’d like it.

I love writing this newsletter. It’s a personal insight into who I am and what I do. It’s a journey. And it goes straight into your inbox, waiting for whenever you are ready, and you won’t miss it [unless you choose to].

It’s 2017 and nobody actively checks sites anymore, blogging feels dead. Social media is wonderful, but so heavily weighted down with dread lately. When cities burn, you feel like a fool fiddling as you talk about how many pages you wrote that day. Or maybe social media needs that, too, it probably does, but sometimes opening up the portal to connect means other stuff connects with you. It’s heavy on the heart and I openly admit I need my time away from it. I need to have enough heart for my own family, and children I teach, and worlds I create [and destroy], etc.

Plus, when The Natzis! start doxxing people, you start to reconsider how open and accessible you are online. I mean, I guess white grand wizards could just subscribe to my newsletter, then I’d be screwed, but I live in hope to be off their radar.


So I have this weekly newsletter and it’s the space where I’m really personal. It’s the space where my week is summed up. It’s the space where if you don’t exist in my weird pockets of the Australian Space/Time Continuum, you can catch what I’m up to.

I write a recap of sorts about my writing week – what I’m working on, how it’s going. I try to unpack my writing process, what I do, how and why. I want anyone reading it to get a sitrep on me, but maybe learn something through that process they can use themselves. I love nothing more than when someone replies that they loved the process slices in my week – especially when it’s an artist realising how writers tick.

Then I rapid fire out a suggestions of things/links you might dig – podcasts, interviews, articles, kickstarters, etc.

Followed by what quality media I imbibed that week and what I took away from it, good or bad [though I tend to usually only spend energy focusing on the good and helpful].

There’s a corkboard of dates for things coming up that’ll feature me or my name.

Then I drop some kind of After Credits Sequence – a little something for those who read all the way down. Could be an After School Special closing quote. Could be a weird short story. Could be a rant. Could be crap. Could be a link to something, or a cheeky heads up about something coming up.

Most newsletters come in ~1500 words, lately. The biggest ever was 5k, but I won’t be trying that again any time soon. They rarely dip under 1k. They should feel worthwhile, without being laborious. Should be.

Anyway, yeah, I write a weekly newsletter about the comic life I chose [not the comic life that chose me].

I really think you’d dig it.


Oh, yeah, it’s called The Two Fisted Homeopape – I figure if you get where those two elements have come from then you’re going to love my newsletter. Enjoy.


OWNAINDI – Buy My Comics Online

You can go to OWNAINDI and buy a slew of great Aussie comic content and it’ll be posted straight to your door and I think this is amazing.


Of course, you can get my comics there. Well, some of them. Which is why the link is to MY page on there, but feel free to browse away to the many other talented creators you’ll find on there.

I’ve made a handful of indie DIY comics in my time and I’ve always been really lazy on two fronts: getting them onto an online store, and getting them into retailers hands. I make no apologies for this, I am a lazy man.

But I’ve had books through Diamond, and I push the hell out of them to get into stores around the world, but when it comes to my really indie stuff you either need to find me at a con, or you need to step into my office. Until now.

OWNAINDI is an online hub where you can browse and buy from a bunch of Aussie creators. I’ve put my stuff here because I believe in the site [and the great people behind it] and I dig the idea of an Aussie portal to get our books shipped to you because you haven’t caught me at a con yet, or you only just discovered me through BEAUTIFUL CANVAS and now you want more.

So I’m putting up what stuff I’ve got in stock. I’m also going to periodically put up new fun things like my Annotated Script Book Ashcans [which I love and wish more people would sell]. It’s also something I feel I could confidently say will NEVER be on a retailers shelf, so you have to get it here. I think that’s fun.

So here’s where you click the link and maybe make a purchase. Maybe you missed buying it at a con. Maybe you’re gonna buy it for a friend. Maybe you’re gonna grab a sample bag of good stuff on there and see what the Aussie scene is like.

Have a look, I truly think you’ll find something there you wanna buy.

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