The Two Fisted Homeopape – The Rundown Edition

by ryankl

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This week was The Rundown Edition – here’s a sample:

“My Writing Ticks!

John Lees recently wrote about his writing ticks, and what genius ticks they are – hit up his newsletter to always learn more – or back him on Patreon because he’s one of the sharpest dudes I know, and always executes plans so you know it’ll be a good place to give a monthly tip – and it got me thinking about what my own writing ticks are.

In a slight moment of introspection, I found a large one.

Water, and underwater creatures

I’ve long been fascinated and scared of water. There’s a mystical unknown about it that just lures me in constantly. I seem to use water heavily in many stories, and it’s often more than just a location, it’s an element to the foundation of the story.

So HEADSPACE had its answers out on the water, and the monsters in NEGATIVE SPACE came from the water, and salvation might have been out on the water in CHUM. BEAUTIFUL CANVAS and DEER EDITOR have mostly steered clear, I think, but [THE ENYA PROJECT] deals heavily in the location of water, and [THE PLANET SNOWBLOOD PROJECT] is a whole mess of ice.

Another pitch also features water as a kind of MacGuffin.”

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