THE TWO FISTED HOMEOPAPE – The Smell of a Number Edition

by ryankl

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This week was The Smell of a Number Edition – here’s a sample:

“I know I know, I’m being political. And this is a newsletter about writing, right? So here’s something:

Be political. Be informed, be active, be angry, be as right as you can as much of the time as you can.

Because then you’re living a life where you’ve got shit to say. And the best stories have shit to say. Fence sitting/hand wringing isn’t a story, and it won’t drive your characters through to the end. I want to write stories about suicide and the diamond forming pressures of parenthood and the galactic failure of idiocy to lead and the infinite self-absorbtion we’re facing as a people. I want to stake claim to ground in those fields, and I want to do it by synthesising the world around me, and hating things, and wishing for things, and for being engaged.

The moment you shrug and let shit happen, well, you’re already dead. And so are your stories.”

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