ETERNAL – Our Shieldmaiden Book Lands This Month

by ryankl

Get excited, this is not a drill.

This shieldmaiden oversized one-shot from illustrator Eric Zawadzki, colourist Dee Cunniffe, editor Dan Hill, and co-written with me is coming out from Black Mask Studios at the end of the month [shelf date is Jan/31].

Screenshot 2017-10-18 21.54.42

This book means the world to me, and I’ve read it maybe 20 times this past month so believe me when I say this story is one of the very best things I’ve been involved in ever. It’s personal, it’s unique, and it’s using the comic form in some genius ways [most genius courtesy of Mr Zawadzki].

I hope you’ve already preordered it from your LCS, but if not then hit them up because they can still get their order in asap.

We’ve built this thing to live on shelves, and in hearts, forever – it’s a 64 page one-shot, with a spine, and great paper stock, and every page matters. There’s also back matter, from everyone on the creative team, and if you’re looking for something to lose yourself in for an afternoon, this is for you. If you want the perfect present for an old comic friend, here you have it. If you want a present for someone not quite into comics, but they are into smart stories, here you have your answer.

I love that I’m starting the year with something I’m so passionate about, and it’s really just going to set the tone for 2018, I promise.

Let’s reconvene to talk about it again soon, maybe in the first days of February, cool?