by ryankl

BEAUTIFUL CANVAS was my comic minisieries published through Black Mask last year. The stellarteam of Sami Kivela [illustrator], Triona Farrell [colourist], Ryan Ferrier

[letterer], Dan Hill [editor], and myself [writer] put out 4 issues of this gonzo pulp madness in 2017 and we are wildly proud of this story.

Now, in 2018, you can preorder/buy the trade paperback collection, which will hit shelves on Feb 21.


Okay, what do you need to know?

BEAUTIFUL CANVAS is a miniseries, so this tpb is the whole collection.

We’ve made it $14.99 because we want it to be affordable for you, but not sink the publisher into bankruptcy.

The book is about, and I quote [myself]:

Beautiful Canvas is 2017’s smash hit warped crime miniseries about Lon Eisley discovering the similarities and differences between her job as a hitwoman and her new role as a mother-to-be when she finds out her girlfriend is pregnant. Going from destroyer to creator/protector is a major swerve, but parents still have plenty of violent and brutal moments to contend with, especially when the world is full of pyrokinetic sleeper agents, animal/hybrid muscle-squads, and one hell of a nasty boss pulling your strings. From the creative team of Sami Kivela (Abbott) and Ryan K Lindsay (Negative Space, Eternal, DC Writers Workshop) comes this gonzo world of future noir, where the story aims to deliver a brutal blow to your heart and piss in your brainpan.

This is the first page of the story. It’s just the greatest thing ever.

This book is probably the most ‘Ryan K Lindsay’ of my works as it mashes up a bunch of weird stuff that’s been stewing in my brain for a long long while.

Sami Kivela and Triona Farrell are a worldwide team, they are so insane in this book, and your eyes will than you for this.

If you dug me and Sami together on DEER EDITOR and/or CHUM, then know that this is our best work yet. If you didn’t dig those books, well, this one’s better, I promise.

You can ask your LCS to preorder the trade for you now – don’t just assume they’ll have it in stock, they might sell out, or under-order, or who knows what? Best be safe and tell them you want it and have a copy guaranteed for you.

I think that’s enough. You know what to do.