ETERNAL Lands This Week

by ryankl

Finally, after many years, ETERNAL finds a home in your LCS/hands/shelves this week. We here at Shieldmaiden HQ think you will love this Viking ghost story illustrated by Eric Zawadzki, coloured by Dee Cunniffe, edited by Dan Hill, and published by Black Mask Studios.

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If you’re on the fence, let other people convince you, perhaps.

5/5 review at Big Comic Page – “Zawadski’s pages are filled with fluidity and expression, with a faintly stylised, almost Mignola-esque approach that always manages to utilise the full potential of the comic book medium.”

10/10 review at DoomRocket – “Eternal is primal. It comes at you head-on, swings hard, and lays you flat.”

5/5 review by Frank Gogol at Outright Geekery“the kind of book that beats the breathe out of your chest and fills your heart at the same time.” + “Eternal—a new Viking shieldmaiden ghost story from Eric Zawadzki, Ryan K Lindsay, Dee Cunniffe and Black Mask Studios—is as beautiful as it is violent. And that’s saying something because it’s extremely violent.”

A 10/10 review from Ed Garrett at TMStash – “This is a story filled with tremendous battles, dark magic, and heartbreaking tragedy…and a protagonist with more nobility and determination and any you’ve seen in a long time.”

Huge 10/10 review from Chris Campbell on Comicosity – “Eternal is a masterpiece.”

Great 9.3 review at Multiversity Comics by Matt Lune – ““Eternal” is a must-read viking tale of war.”

A 9/10 review on from William Pace on Outright Geekery – “Bloody courageous and brave of heart”

88% review at ComicsVerse from Mara Danoff – “ETERNAL is the perfect example of comic book storytelling.”

8/10 review by Alex Mansfield at All Comic – “Eternal is true to its genre and, more importantly, it’s true to itself. It speaks plainly, but with a delicate sense of nuanced ferocity.”

8/10 review by Lorenzo Sampson at Black Nerd Problems – “Vif and the crew kick every ounce of male ass in this story.”

8/10 review by C.K. Stewart at Newsarama – “There’s room for substantially more books like Eternal in the market.”

A great review from James Ferguson at – “I let out an audible gasp while reading it.”

Super review at Super Serious Indie Comic review – “The story is bathed in violence from the onset, but that violence is colored with emotive depth and meaning.”

A stellar review from Insha Fitzpatrick on – “Lindsay has a way of writing that totally mesmerizes you from start to finish.”

Or have us convince you with some interviews!

Comicosity ran an interview with the whole team

DoomRocket ran an interview with me

Slack Jaw Punks ran an interview with me

Perhaps you’d care for some annotations?

Read my full story annotations over at Paste Magazine

Or you can buy the comic on ComiXology!

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Back the book these minds have stamped as the genuine article!

Ed Brisson [Old Man Logan, Iron Fist] – “A beautifully brutal and heartwrenching story.”

Declan Shalvey [Injection, Moon Knight] – “A visual tour de force, highly recommended!”

Zac Thompson [The Dregs, Come Into Me] – “ETERNAL from Eric Zawadzki, Ryan K Lindsay & Dee Cunniffe is pure sequential storytelling perfection. Gripping and bold in its execution – it sets a dangerously high bar this early in 2018. Read it, share it, show your friends Eric’s incredible fight scenes”

Brian Level [Killer Croc, The Mantle] – “Yowzer! Just buy it. What a great addition to the comics medium.”

Curt Pires [The Forevers, Mayday] – “Eternal comes out swinging. So good.  Bravo.”

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