ACAF in Canberra – This Weekend!

by ryankl

acaf-2017-150pxThis coming weekend I’ll be a guest at the amazing new Canberra show, the Australian Comics and Art Festival [ACAF – hit the link]

I love this show, and not just because it’s a local romp for me. It’s a show absolutely centred on comics, and beyond that, also spends a lot of time looking into the craft and business of comics. It’s a true blessing of a show for someone looking into making comics, and it’s also ace for those who just love the medium and want to immerse into it for a weekend.

I’ll have some panels, and will be tabling on Sunday, so here are the details.

The Saturday is the Creator Development Workshop Day. There’s a tonne of good stuff, look here to see what :]

I’ll be on the Crowdfunding Panel at 1:30pm with Karen Beilharz, Gary Chaloner, and Louie Joyce. I’ve run 6 successful Kickstarter campaigns, and been party to a handful of other successful anthology campaigns, and I have a lot of thoughts about this topic. I’m keen to dig in.

I’ll also be on the Working with Major Publishers Panel at 2:30pm with Nicola Scott, Andrew Constant, and Gary Chaloner. I also have a lot to say here, but it’s probably not stuff to help you get hired over there.

That night is the Launch Cocktail party where some books will get some words, including ETERNAL – so come along for some drinks, some banter, and some fun.

Then all Sunday I’ll be at my table and will be selling: ETERNAL, BEAUTIFUL CANVAS, STAIN THE SEAS SCARLET, INK ISLAND, EIR, and whatever else might stumble across my desk. I’m hoping to have some scripts ready for purchase, too.

I hope to see some of you there, and be sure to check out the entire show line up because it’s a who’s who of Aussie talent, voices, heart, and brains.