SHE – Alfie Gallagher Pin Up

by ryankl

Alfie Gallagher: so damn fine.

Alfie’s pin up goes up for sale on the SHE Kickstarter campaign soon – be ready!

I love Alfie’s work. Ever since we made EIR together, I’ve wanted to work with him again. And again. His art always comes out so expressive, so fluid, like there’s a real world busy living behind every page he inks. This pin up makes me smile because he’s found the character of She so well in there, and he’s given her motion and location and life.

The way he brings design into things – that sun behind her head – always makes me smile.

This week, the inks for this piece will be available on the Kickstarter page. If you’re a backer, you’ll get an email when the Update goes live, and you can get this piece of art for your home and make me and Alfie happy comic making people.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, or you know a friend who needs more gorgeous oversized hardcover sci fi bounty hunting comics in their life, hit the link:

SHE: AT THE TOWER OF ALL THAT IS KNOWN, on Kickstarter for One Last Week