SHE – Sami Kivela Pin Up

by ryankl

Sami Kivela: Art Beast

I mean, he’s just so damn good at *everything*

Sami’s pin up will appear in the SHE HC, on Kickstarter right now!

Sami has been someone I’ve been making comics with for over half a decade. We’ve put out many stories together over the years, and Sami also has a habit of doing me the honour of seeing other characters come to life through his lens.

He’s been insanely busy of late – illustrating ABBOTT at Boom, and MACHINE GUN WIZARDS at Dark Horse and UNDONE BY BLOOD at AfterShock – but he’s such a capital B Bloke, he still found time for this, and I’m so insanely glad he did.

The colours are the first thing that pop out on this pin up, that space sizzle is gorgeous. Then I look to She, and Sami has given her mystery and introspection and a sense of power against the unknown endless before her. Shoulders up, leaning forward, not caring – yep, that’s our bounty hunter.

Sami will always be one of my favourite modern artists of all time, and this piece is just another reminder of the power of comics collaboration, and friendship, and why so many of us make comics.

If you or a friend want to see this pin up in its final state within a gorgeous oversized hardcover comic, clickn the link below and back us on Kickstarter before the week is over:

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