Fair Lady: Spectacular

by ryankl

An older post from elsewhere: FAIR LADY from Brian Schirmer, Claudia Balboni, Marissa Louise, & David Bowman is an utter delight. It’s a fantasy PI comic that bills itself as “Magnum P.I. in a post “War of the Ring” world” and that’s good – I was thinking it’s where SAGA and STUMPTOWN would meet. Either way, it’s a very good thing. This comic just launched from Image Comics, with 2 issues on stands, and the third around the corner, and I absolutely love it, and want everyone I know to buy it and enjoy the Dickens out of it.
I mean, if the cover wasn’t gorgeous enough with the spot coloud bg, it’s got this stamps which means it’s 100% my jam. Stand alone issues are the world’s finest.
The book also is structurally something beautiful, and something I’ve been studying this past weekend. Look at this splash of the location of the story, that’s just a brilliant idea, gorgeously executed.
And look at this smart use of a double page spread to give details, make the audience linger, and also save the artist some work.
I’m digging the single illo with a wall of text pages more and more, and this one is good stuff. Always a tool in the warchest we should remember.
See again: simplicity of format, saving artist time, and immersing us in a moment. The only thing this moment costs is an extra page, but if you have the ability, I think something like this is a wonderful addition to the pacing of your story.
This DPS was also a good bit of world exploring.
Okay, so if not convinced, here’s #2.
This opening page is absolutely phenomenal in regards to luring us in, selling us tone, and ending on a great hook for a page turn.
And then there are these “splash” moments where the artist can chill, the colourist maybe can’t, but it gives the idea of scope very very simply. Love these pages, I hope these become a hallmark of the book moving forward for scene transitions.
If you haven’t dipped a toe, or had been wondering, then take it from me right now – FAIR LADY is good comics, and it deserves your time, your support, and just as much you deserve this good time.