The 12 Days of Patreon – Coming!

I’m very excited for the next 12 days, because I’m involved in something very very cool:

The 12 Days of Patreon

This event sees 12 creators [I’m one] share each others’ ¬†awesome Patreons, and also share gifts for everyone in each post – the only thing is, you gotta be a Patron to get your hands on it all. It’s all coordinated by the creators of the Conceptual Heist comic, Jay D’ici & Jenny Godin.

I’m giving away a bunch of PDFs of my comics, as well as a D&D adventure, and Noirvember, my book of noir essays. ¬†Everyone else is also offering similar levels of awesome, and you can have it all, just be a Patron to one of us and you see all the posts and the links.But once you’ve sampled this fine array, hopefully you’ll dig in and become a Patron for more than one of us.

It all kicks off December the 1st – learn all about Boum, Marco Rudy, Laurence Dea Dionne, Caroline Layne, John Lees, Pegamoose pals, Conceptual Heist, Yves Bourgelas, Anouk, Jim Zub, and Aditi Mali.

Hopefully we’ll see you there, catch it all at my Patreon!