SHE is Coming to Comic Shops

by ryankl

SHE is the sci fi hardcover comic from me and Chris Panda being published by ComixTribe which you will be able to buy through your local comic shop in 2021 – click here for preorder info

The team behind this book ran a hugely successful Kickstarter earlier this year, and now we’ve solicited the book through Diamond so you can ask your local comic shop to preorder it for you if you didn’t get in earlier.

Shops can use order code: DEC201383

The book aims to land on February the 24th, 2021

I loved making this comic, and it came out as one of the most gorgeous items I’ve ever had a hand in creating. Chris and Tyler [the publisher at ComixTribe] cooked up a die-cut cover where the mask faceplate is a hole, and there’s a vellum page with She’s projected face mask, and then the first page is her face in close up. Makes for a serious entry to the book, and also a selfie opportunity if you shove your mug in there.

Preorder SHE: AT THE TOWER OF ALL THAT IS KNOWN Vol. 1 right now from your LCS and I’ll stay right here and continue work on Vol. 2