A Bit of Focus and Gratitude

by ryankl

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At the end of each newsletter, I have a Post Credits section where I normally just wing it 2 minutes before launch. Last week I sprayed out some words that swirled together a lot of my thoughts/feelings in a decent way, so I thought I’d share them here. If you dig the following, be sure to check my newsletter out:

Post Credits on a Homeopape

Reading about climate catastrophe. Learning a friend is about to face a very hard time in life. Getting a set back in a project. Feeling like a failure.

All different shades of shit.

But also a chance to search for gratitude.

Hunting down those moments in each day where I can be thankful that I get to have that moment.

Seeing my kid help another kid. Holding my wife/being held by my wife. Writing that perfect sentence. Laughing.

Sounds wanky to appreciate the little things, to write a list of gratitude, to be thankful for what you’ve got. I know it does, but it also helps. It makes me want to find more of those moments. A minute with a good book. A good coffee in the morning. A plan to do it again.

The bad shit happens by accident, but the good shit doesn’t always seem to. Inversely, sometimes the bad shit happens because you didn’t have a plan, and the good shit happens when you plan for it.

Then, sometimes, shit just happens, and you gotta wear it before you know if it’s good or bad.

So if it’s gonna happen regardless, I at least don’t wanna miss the good shit because the bad shit was in my eyes. I wanna get every moment I can to build that highlight reel I’m determined to end with. I wanna make as many good times in this life as I can, and sometimes that means you need a reminder.

How many moments in a day? Least I can do is choose which ones I’ll dwell on, right?