D&D Level 1 Character Sheets for Download

by ryankl

D&D character sheets are wild arcane artefacts of text/number alchemy. I love reading them, and creating them, and doing so on DnDBeyond is a really effective way to do it, which helped me greatly recently.

I run a D&D club at my school, and this year I decided to generate a variety of character types and their full sheets on DnDBeyond – this way the students could just have the character made and then work on how to read and use the character sheet. It’s important to figure out the things you need the kids to know/do and the things you can do with/for them. I want them to use a great character sheet to play in great ways, so I might as well do the first half so they can focus on the second.

I tried to make a variety of interesting characters, so some of them are mashed up a little so they can be role played well. I feel like a huge dragonborn barbarian is played, but a halfling barbarian will give you room to roleplay like a boss. I also tried to make combinations that were exciting.

The interesting thing about this was I couldn’t seem to find any sheets already made out there on the internet. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, I’m certain they do exist, who knows, regardless…I had a blast making these 16 characters and I know they’ll serve a specific educational purpose in my club. As such, for educational purposes, I thought I’d share them with you so you can use them in your own games, or school clubs. Anything to share the bounty and halve the workload.

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I think it would be amazing to look at all 16 and work out how they all click together in one town. That would be a fun writing prompt.

Click here to access a Google Drive folder to download all 16 character sheets in PDF form.