The Seven Islands of Qoy – a solo writing rpg

by ryankl

I wrote another one! Huzzah!

I’m in love with the construction and precision of these solo writing rpgs that fit on one page. So simple, and delicate, and awesome to behold, and to write. A truly worthy sidequest for my brain.

The Seven islands of Qoy is available for free right now!

This one is all about a mystical kung fu tournament where secen hidden islands send their best fighters to round robin out their talents and aggression to decide the next decade’s protector of the keys. It’s big awesome fun!

The whole thing was 100% percent inspired by my love of The Immortal Iron Fist by Aja/Fraction/Brubaker, and specifically The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven storyline. If you want fun in this tradition, you’re in the right place.

The Marvel Comics Guide: THE SEVEN CAPITAL CITIES OF HEAVEN (2007-2008)

The one page pdf is free to download on the page, and I’d appreciate anyone sharing the link.

Check out The Seven Islands of Qoy right now!

And if you dig it, or the style, I did release a suburban horror one recently, Welcome To Faraday is also available now!

And the third is on its way :]