Escape From Isla del Mundo – A New Solo RPG

by ryankl

Is ‘monster island’ a genre? It should be.

Your plane crashes onto an island. Through bloody eyes and fiery wreckage, you see what you came for – the monster you’ve prepared to hunt. Alas, you have none of your supplies or support crew. It’s just you and an island full of strange beasts and horrifying danger. Can you survive and get off this island in one piece?


My latest solo writing RPG is available on my store as a free download, or you can PWYW if you really dig it. This is a one-page game where the aim is for you to write an awesome story based on the structure and prompts I provide.

I’ve previously written/created 5 of these games and I’m absolutely enamoured with their delicate structure and robust depth of field. They are genuinely so much fun to write, just as much as I love reading those from others, and sometimes having a crack at playing them myself.

The inspiration for this really was just the words “Monster Island.” What more could stir the cockles of your creative heart than that combination of words. Monster Island might well be my Cellar Door – there’s a delight and a whole world of emotion and reaction woven into the dna of those arranged letters.

With that location layered as the base ingredient, I went about assembling 20 prompts that intrigued and delighted me for what a story might look like on an island full of monsters.

I was initially thinking of the final page of ELEKTRA #1 by Mike del Mundo and W. Haden Blackman – that whole run by these two is stellar on a storytelling level, and an Elektra level.

So from there I’m thinking KONG: SKULL ISLAND, which I just loved on a stupid level, and then even elements of PREDATOR and THE GREY, when it comes to being hunted in nature, and finally I thought about LOST. So there are monsters here, but also hints at some other stuff that you can spin in any direction – a shipwreck, an underground bunker, but no 4-toed statue, I promise.

This one was, as always, just a blast to write. Just unchecked creativity onto the page and I think some very cool stories could stem from this. Whether you commit to writing something completely, or just tinkering with this as a writing warm up each morning, or just read the one-page doc for fun, I hope this meets you where your creativity needs it today.

Escape From Isla del Mundo is a monster hunting story/game where you are stranded on an island and trying not to die at the hands of numerous monster attacks, while also trying to kill one specific monster, and then find your way safely off the island.


I also just saw it’s been 12 months since I discovered journaling rpgs – and what a wild year it’s been. I’ve bought so many, read heaps, and written a few of my own. I really love this slice of the world, creatively fulfilling and wonderfully delightful.